Hey, I'm Matt Schneider.

I love camping, coding, and coffee.

Growing up on the edge of a forest in Wisconsin, I’ve learned to work hard and play hard. Designing experiences is my passion, and it’s where I spend my life. When I’m not designing websites, I’m designing board games or stage sets.

My native languages are HTML (and Haml), CSS (and Sass), JavaScript (and CoffeeScript). I’m always eager to learn new tools and techniques.

Serenity Isles - Social Network
Identity, Design, and Code Ongoing

Chelsea Linaeve - Artist Portfolio
Design and Code 2014

JSON Particle System & Editor
Concept and Code 2016

Game Design

An entry for The Game Crafter's resource game design contest, Ahoy! won a prize for best artwork.

Ahyoheek is based on a fictional game-within-a-game in the world of the Myst games by Ubisoft. This deck design was approved by Ubisoft for limited-run production.

These square cards are from an unreleased concept deck based on American design from the 1960's, particularly inspired by Milwaukee legend Brooks Stevens.

Set Design

Set design, construction, and effect design for Willy Wonka at Martin Luther High School

Set design and construction for The Mystery of Arrow Isle at Manitowoc Baptist Church

Backdrop painting of Jerusalem for Peace Lutheran Church

Shirt Design

I created the chosen tee shirt design for the 2012 Mysterium, a gathering of fans of the Myst game series

This explosive design was created for the youth group at Peace Lutheran Church, for a trip that would span July 4th